Star Scavengers: A LEGO Star Wars Podcast
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Star Scavengers is a podcast hosted by Johnamarie Macias and Aaron Goins covering all things LEGO Star Wars. Expect reviews of the Freemaker Adventures animated series, fun guests, informative interviews, and even some discussion on collecting.

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    [013] Bill Motz and Bob Roth Interview

    Just in time for the Holidays we have a very special episode of Star Scavengers!

    We had the privilege of interviewing the creators of The Freemaker Adventures, Bill Motz and Bob Roth. We talked Rogue One, story creation, favorite characters, and more. They had so much insight into what goes into creating Star Wars. This is an interview you don't want to miss!

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    [012] Graham Hancock Interview

    Star Scavengers returns with a great interview with the Deputy Editor at Blocks magazine, Graham Hancock.

    We talk about his LEGO collecting at an early age, his love for The Freemaker Adventures, and much more!

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    [011] Jyn's Poncho

    While we were waiting for an official announcement of Season 2 of The Freemaker Adventures we decided to record another episode of Star Scavengers. Just in time for all that line waiting at New York Comic Con.

    • Force Friday. We talk about what we did for the Star Wars holiday and some of the merchandise we picked up.
    • Minifig Focus. Ahsoka Tano has a big month ahead of her with the upcoming release of her novel. We discuss the LEGO sets you can find her in.
    • Set review. Johnamarie built the Eclipse Starfighter set and lets us know all about it.
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    [010] The Blazemaker

    Sadly, the first season of The Freemaker Adventures has come to a close. But it was such a good episode! We cover it and more in this episode of Star Scavengers.

    • Minifig discovery. Aaron talks about his weekend project of going through his old LEGO bricks.
    • Is it Season 2 yet? We discuss our hopes for the continuation of The Freemaker Adventures.
    • Was there a sale? We review the season finale "Return of the Kyber Saber."
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    [009] Empire Day

    All we want for Empire Day is the announcement of a second season of The Freemaker Adventures!

    • Roger's caf mug. We talk about building the Star Scavenger LEGO set.
    • Another Dengar. Support the Punishing One project over at LEGO Ideas.
    • Salty snack. We review the latest episode of The Freemaker Adventures, "Duel of Destiny."
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    [008] Carrie Beck Interview.. Genius

    We have an extra special episode of Star Scavengers for you today featuring an interview and a review!

    • Carrie Beck interview. We had a great conversation with the Lucasfilm's Vice President of Animation Development.
    • Grab your caf. We review the latest episode of The Freemaker Adventures, "Showdown on Hoth."
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    [007] The Maker

    Take a break from rewatching the Rogue One trailer and listen to the latest episode of Star Scavengers!

    • Droid tales. More new DLC is coming for the LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens video game. We talk about how this relates to other media including a Marvel comic.
    • Is it Christmas yet? We discuss the upcoming LEGO Star Wars advent calendar.
    • His name is Yeppau! We review the latest episode of The Freemaker Adventures, "The Maker of Zoh."
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    [006] Palpatine's Museum

    To the Bubbly Subbly! It's time for another episode of Star Scavengers!

    • Minifig focus. We talk about Johna's favorite clone, Captain Rex, and what LEGO sets you can find him in. This somehow leads to discussion on why some beards are better than others.
    • Episode review. We discuss the latest episode of The Freemaker Adventures, "The Kyber Saber Chase."
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    [005] Maz's Castle

    Johna is back and we have some episodes of The Freemaker Adventures to discuss in this episode of Star Scavengers.

    • The circus. Johnamarie attended San Diego Comic Con and tells us a little about her experience.
    • Roger's mop. We talk about new downloadable content available for LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Johna gives a live reaction to the trailer for the Freemaker Adventures DLC.
    • Bad Naare. We discuss and review the last two episodes of The Freemaker Adventures, "Race on Tatooine" and "The Test."
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    [004] Ewok Village

    Johnamarie ran off to San Diego Comic Con, but Aaron found a friend willing to help him record a new episode of Star Scavengers.

    • Memory lane. Aaron and guest Teresa Delgado talk about their personal LEGO Star Wars collecting memories.
    • It's just a little ghost. We review the Ghost Microfighter set with Hera minifig.
    • Chocolate Ewok. Our Minifig Focus this episode is on Wicket.
    • So many puzzles! We review the LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens video game.
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