Star Scavengers: A LEGO Star Wars Podcast
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Star Scavengers is a podcast hosted by Johnamarie Macias and Aaron Goins covering all things LEGO Star Wars. Expect reviews of the Freemaker Adventures animated series, fun guests, informative interviews, and even some discussion on collecting.

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    [037] Mandalorians Rise

    Star Scavengers returns to discuss Disney+, The Mandalorian, and The Rise of Skywalker

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    [036] Galaxy Celebration

    Johna and Aaron attempt to build a LEGO set while podcasting and talk about their Celebration and Galaxy's Edge experiences.

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    [035] Jumping Ship

    On this episode of Star Scavengers:

    • Somehow we got on the subject of Reylo and our wish for civil discourse.
    • We look at the new Resistance LEGO sets and give our thoughts on the sets and the show.
    • We review the final two parts of LEGO Star Wars All Stars "Rolling With BB-8" and "Resistance on the Run."
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    [034] Anakin's Starfighter

    On this episode of Star Scavengers..

    • Star Wars in 2019
    • Fun LEGO Holiday gifts
    • LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars episode reviews of "Scouting for Leia" and "A Mission With Maz"
    • Should Kylo be redeemed (after cutting down Graballa's statue)?
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    [033] Johnair's Legacy

    Johnamarie and Aaron discuss the episodes "The Chase with Han/Escape with Chewbacca" and "Dealing with Lando/Han and Chewie Strike Back" of LEGO Star Wars: All Stars

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    [032] Roger's Story

    In this episode of Star Scavengers we cover the 8 LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars shorts.

    We also talk the latest Star Wars happenings including Star Wars Resistance, The Mandalorian, and the recently announced Cassian Andor series.

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    [031] Corellian Hound

    We have new LEGO sets, a Freemaker Adventures DVD release, and the final episodes of Star Wars Rebels to talk about on this extra-long episode of Star Scavengers!

    • Small talk. Aaron's shares a LEGO related airport story and gives info on his local Legoland Discovery Center. Aaron and Johna also talk about LEGO sets they are building.
    • Nostalgia and minifigs. We run through a list of upcoming LEGO sets including sets from the movie Solo: A Star Wars Story.
    • Never really gone. The Freemaker Adventures Season 2 DVD has arrived, and we check it out.
    • Mandalorian Wedding? As promised, we give our very extensive thoughts on the final episodes of Star Wars Rebels.
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    [030] Last Jedi

    We have seen the movie and we have thoughts!

    In this episode of Star Scavengers we give our thoughts on The Last Jedi LEGO sets and then we of course talk about the movie.

    Beware of spoilers!

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    [029] The Return of the Return of Bill and Bob

    As a special Holiday treat we have a great interview with the creators of The Freemaker Adventures, Bill Motz and Bob Roth.

    • Two more days! We discuss our excitement for the release of The Last Jedi.
    • Be a builder. We talk about our latest LEGO builds including The Ghost, The Phantom I, and BB-8.
    • The Makers. We have an awesome interview with Bill Motz and Bob Roth to wrap up Season 2 of The Freemaker Adventures.
    • Always in motion. We discuss the future of the Star Scavengers podcast.
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    [028] Smoochenbacher Kisses

    It's a double review episode of Star Scavengers!

    • Block Heads? We both attended New York Comic Con and share some of our experiences.
    • Followers lost. The Last Jedi trailer has been released and we give our thoughts.
    • This is the end? We review the final two episodes of The Freemaker Adventures Season 2.
    • Ezra and Rowan at Luke's Jedi academy? We toss around some ideas and start the best fanfic ever.
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    [027] Bothan Spies

    Is there a right way to pronounce Coruscant? Is owning a pet wampa a good idea? We discuss the important questions on this episode of Star Scavengers.

    • We talk a little more detail on the minifigs that come with the Y-wing LEGO set and Johna's new Microfighter X-wing set.
    • We get into some discussion on the LEGO Ninjago movie and our hope for an eventual LEGO Star Wars movie.
    • We review The Freemaker Adventures episode "Escape from Coruscant."
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    [026] Mug Collection

    Check out this new episode of Star Scavengers where we talk about Aaron finishing the Arrowhead build, some great listener mail, and we review "A Perilous Rescue."

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    [025] Happabore Chase

    Aaron is still building the Arrowhead, Johna built a Micro-fighter walker, and we review the Freemaker Adventures episode "Flight of the Arrowhead."

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    [024] Explosive Kyber

    Conventions, Force Friday, new Millennium Falcon, and The Freemaker Adventures! It's all covered in this episode of Star Scavengers.

    • Don't fly together. We went to two different conventions over the weekend and share some things from our experiences.
    • Who needs sleep? We also fit in some Force Friday activities and talk about some of our purchases.
    • The biggest ever! We discuss the new UCS Millennium Falcon and how much Johna would spend on a similar Ghost or Star Scavenger.
    • Death by mynock. We recap and review the Freemaker Adventures episode "The Pit and the Pinnacle."
    • Stick around for some bonus content where we get into more discussion about the upcoming Rebels Season 4.
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    [023] Qalydon Crystals

    On this episode of Star Scavengers we talk about the Arrowhead build, conventions we are attending, a little Rebels, and do an episode review.

    • Johna finished the Arrowhead build and shares some of her thoughts while Aaron opens bag 1 and starts building during the show.
    • We discuss and review The Freemaker Adventures episode "The Lost Crystals of Qalydon."
    • Johna is attending Fan Expo Canada and Aaron is attending Dragon Con this weekend. We talk about the Rebels things that are happening at the cons and our excitement for Season 4.
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    [022] Ranat Nightmares

    Is Aaron training to be a Jedi? Does Johna need to make a trip to IKEA? All will be revealed on this episode of Star Scavengers.

    • Dana Snyder, the voice of Graballa the Hutt, made an appearance on The Star Wars Show.
    • We talk about our latest LEGO builds including The Phantom and The Arrowhead.
    • We review "Return to the Wheel" and Aaron reveals his deep-seated fear of Ranats.
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    [021] Derlin's Pancakes

    Season 2 of The Freemaker Adventures may be over but Star Scavengers Season 2 is just getting started!

    • Johna shares her latest LEGO purchases and travel plans and Aaron talks about waiting to watch the final episodes.
    • We discuss and review "The Storms of Taul."
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    [020] Mygeeto Burrito

    In this episode of Star Scavengers Aaron gets a little complainy about the Season 2 format, talks about his lost LEGO set, and unfairly rags on Ninjago.

    We also come up with a plan to create our own blind bag Freemaker Adventures minifig series (listen in next week for our list) and we review the episode "The Embersteel Blade."

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    [019] Jedi City

    In this episode of Star Scavengers we discuss the LEGO sets Johna has been building, our plans for how we will review Season 2, and we do a full review of "The Tower of Aliston Nor."

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    [018] Arrowhead Dreams

    Season 2 of The Freemaker Adventures has officially begun!

    • So many Obi-Wans. Aaron talks about building the 2017 "Duel on Naboo" set and shares some minifig fun facts.
    • More Hera please. We discuss and review "Trouble on Tibalt."
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    [017] Gamorrean Flu

    New Freemaker Adventures content! We talk about the Star Wars Day shorts and more in this episode of Star Scavengers.

    • Star Wars Day! We share some of the things we did and Aaron reveals why he is a bad Star Wars fan.
    • We talk about some of the new Star Wars LEGO sets Aaron has obtained and what music wil be playing in his head while he builds them.
    • Johna has the Gamorrean flu but finds the strength to talk about the new Freemaker Adventures shorts that aired on Disney XD.
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    [016] Bill, Bob, and Michael Interview at Celebration

    We went to Celebration, we cosplayed, and we saw an amazing Freemaker Adventures panel!

    Star Wars Celebration 2017 is over and here is our recap episode featuring an interview with the creators of the Freemaker Adventures Bill Motz and Bob Roth. Also joining us for the interview was composer Michael Kramer.

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    [015] Fly Together

    The news we have all been waiting for was finally announced, and we are prepping for Star Wars Celebration!

    • The Freemaker Adventures has been nominated for 4 Emmy Awards!
    • Season 2 of the Freemaker Adventures has finally been announced! We discuss the trailer and come up with some unlikely predictions.
    • Celebration Orlando is upon us. We talk about some of our plans and how Aaron may have to impersonate Johnamarie at some point.
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    [014] Tatooine Encounter

    New LEGO sets and Star Wars Celebration are on our minds. Here's a new episode of Star Scavengers!

    • Be a builder. We talk about some of the sets we have been building over the past couple months including "Rebel U-wing Fighter," "Clone Turbo Tank," and "Desert Skiff Escape."
    • We're going to Disney World! Star Wars Celebration is just a few weeks away, and we discuss our early plans.
    • Rock the vote. Head on over to and vote for Johnamarie. While you are there throw a vote toward Star Wars Bookworms as well.
    • Rebel review. It has nothing to do with LEGO, but we spent about 10 minutes talking about the latest episode of Star Wars Rebels.
    • New sets. There are so many new LEGO Star Wars sets for 2017, and we highlight a handful of them.
    • New books. Johna gives us the rundown of some new LEGO books hitting the shelves.
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    [013] Bill Motz and Bob Roth Interview

    Just in time for the Holidays we have a very special episode of Star Scavengers!

    We had the privilege of interviewing the creators of The Freemaker Adventures, Bill Motz and Bob Roth. We talked Rogue One, story creation, favorite characters, and more. They had so much insight into what goes into creating Star Wars. This is an interview you don't want to miss!

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    [012] Graham Hancock Interview

    Star Scavengers returns with a great interview with the Deputy Editor at Blocks magazine, Graham Hancock.

    We talk about his LEGO collecting at an early age, his love for The Freemaker Adventures, and much more!

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    [011] Jyn's Poncho

    While we were waiting for an official announcement of Season 2 of The Freemaker Adventures we decided to record another episode of Star Scavengers. Just in time for all that line waiting at New York Comic Con.

    • Force Friday. We talk about what we did for the Star Wars holiday and some of the merchandise we picked up.
    • Minifig Focus. Ahsoka Tano has a big month ahead of her with the upcoming release of her novel. We discuss the LEGO sets you can find her in.
    • Set review. Johnamarie built the Eclipse Starfighter set and lets us know all about it.
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    [010] The Blazemaker

    Sadly, the first season of The Freemaker Adventures has come to a close. But it was such a good episode! We cover it and more in this episode of Star Scavengers.

    • Minifig discovery. Aaron talks about his weekend project of going through his old LEGO bricks.
    • Is it Season 2 yet? We discuss our hopes for the continuation of The Freemaker Adventures.
    • Was there a sale? We review the season finale "Return of the Kyber Saber."
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    [009] Empire Day

    All we want for Empire Day is the announcement of a second season of The Freemaker Adventures!

    • Roger's caf mug. We talk about building the Star Scavenger LEGO set.
    • Another Dengar. Support the Punishing One project over at LEGO Ideas.
    • Salty snack. We review the latest episode of The Freemaker Adventures, "Duel of Destiny."
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    [008] Carrie Beck Interview.. Genius

    We have an extra special episode of Star Scavengers for you today featuring an interview and a review!

    • Carrie Beck interview. We had a great conversation with the Lucasfilm's Vice President of Animation Development.
    • Grab your caf. We review the latest episode of The Freemaker Adventures, "Showdown on Hoth."
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    [007] The Maker

    Take a break from rewatching the Rogue One trailer and listen to the latest episode of Star Scavengers!

    • Droid tales. More new DLC is coming for the LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens video game. We talk about how this relates to other media including a Marvel comic.
    • Is it Christmas yet? We discuss the upcoming LEGO Star Wars advent calendar.
    • His name is Yeppau! We review the latest episode of The Freemaker Adventures, "The Maker of Zoh."
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    [006] Palpatine's Museum

    To the Bubbly Subbly! It's time for another episode of Star Scavengers!

    • Minifig focus. We talk about Johna's favorite clone, Captain Rex, and what LEGO sets you can find him in. This somehow leads to discussion on why some beards are better than others.
    • Episode review. We discuss the latest episode of The Freemaker Adventures, "The Kyber Saber Chase."
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    [005] Maz's Castle

    Johna is back and we have some episodes of The Freemaker Adventures to discuss in this episode of Star Scavengers.

    • The circus. Johnamarie attended San Diego Comic Con and tells us a little about her experience.
    • Roger's mop. We talk about new downloadable content available for LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Johna gives a live reaction to the trailer for the Freemaker Adventures DLC.
    • Bad Naare. We discuss and review the last two episodes of The Freemaker Adventures, "Race on Tatooine" and "The Test."
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    [004] Ewok Village

    Johnamarie ran off to San Diego Comic Con, but Aaron found a friend willing to help him record a new episode of Star Scavengers.

    • Memory lane. Aaron and guest Teresa Delgado talk about their personal LEGO Star Wars collecting memories.
    • It's just a little ghost. We review the Ghost Microfighter set with Hera minifig.
    • Chocolate Ewok. Our Minifig Focus this episode is on Wicket.
    • So many puzzles! We review the LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens video game.
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    [003] Acklay Pit

    You need a break from all the awesome Rogue One news dropping today? Well sit back, relax, and listen to a brand new episode of Star Scavengers.

    • In the city. We took a trip to the LEGO Store in NYC and spent some money.
    • Gotta build 'em all. Star Scavenger, The Ghost, Resistance X-wing.. we talk about the sets we are building.
    • Ezra! Some new Star Wars Rebels Season 3 footage dropped, and we couldn't help but talk about it.
    • Legacy characters. We discuss and review the latest episode of The Freemaker Adventures, "Crossing Paths."
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    [002] Wookiee Gunship

    We had so much fun doing the first episode, we decided to record a second. Star Scavengers is back talking all things LEGO Star Wars and continuing our reviews of The Freemaker Adventures!

    • There are currently two LEGO sets based on The Freemaker Adventures. We talk about where we have seen them and if we want them.
    • LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens is out and Aaron gives us his first impressions.
    • Our minifig focus this episode is on Kanan Jarrus.
    • We review the 5th episode of The Freemaker Adventures "Peril on Kayshyyyk."
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    [001] Fighter Pilot

    It's the first episode of our brand new podcast, Star Scavengers!

    • Introductions are in order. We start our pilot episode with a little about ourselves and what listeners can expect from the show.
    • Playing catch up. We review the first four episodes of LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures.
    • Quiz time. Johna gives Aaron a pop quiz to reveal what Freemaker character he is most like.
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